Suspense by Angela Schultz
An aspiring actress thinks she has stumbled across the opportunity of a lifetime when she discovers an actor with amnesia, but the truth leads her into a conspiracy of biological chaos.

Noir by Angela Schultz
The memory of a deceased lover haunts a struggling musician into a relationship with a femme fatale.

Thriller / Noir by Don Walters
Off Keyes is a noir thriller in the tradition of John Huston. The chaos begins in New York City - the day after tomorrow. When Frank Scott "Mr. Keyes" - talented jazz pianist and professional drunk - accidentally overhears a secret electronic code and unconsciously writes it into a song, he starts a chain of deadly events that leads all the way to Oval Office nearly unseating the first African-American President of the United States.

Science Fiction / Thriller by Don Walters
A beautiful woman - alone, dazed and bleeding in a night-blackened, deserted dockyard - with no memory of who she is or how she got there. So begins a contemporary sci-fi/thriller - a headlong flight through a dark world of clones and human monsters - as she searches for her identity and the secret of her desperate mission - to save the last remaining Trojan royal prince from a warrior of the ancient house of Atrius.

Science Fiction / Thriller by Don Walters
Helene of Sparta loves Alexander (Paris) of Troy, or so the legend goes. Well, the legend is real and the ancient war between the Trojans and the Greeks, begun so long ago, is still raging - in a parallel universe - and it is spilling over into our world. In this sci-fi/thriller sequel to PARALLAX, Alexander must save his lover and his world from destruction by an inhuman force of warriors from another time and place.